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Be Ready So ya Don’t Have to Get Ready

My mom is a smart lady and she always says “be ready so you don’t have to get ready.” Translation: “Have your shit together as much as possible so you aren’t caught unprepared”

Obviously, it took me all of my childhood and teen years to actually start listening to her because “I work better under pressure”, “I do my best work at the last minute”, “I’m really good at procrastinating!” I’ll let everyone’s favorite judge show you my current face.eye rollTotally Judging younger me right now! Now that I am an adult (kinda) I understand how important it is to just always be ready for anything. Now obviously I can’t predict the future and things happen/pop up but what I mean is make sure you have your shit together for what you KNOW will or will most likely happen. If you know its been 2 weeks since you had a meeting at work and they’re typically every 2 weeks just get ready for it. Don’t be that person that says “well they didn’t tell us” just stop, and look back up to Judge Judy for the face your coworkers will give you.

Recently I had an audition for a play. I was told I would be given sides from the script so I didn’t have to worry about having my own monologue prepared. BUT because I’m always ready I have a go to monologue that I just know like the back of my hand just in case. When I got there the woman checking me in asked if I sing, I said, “yes.” She said, “great!” To which I replied, “oh does this character sing, did you want me to sing something today”. She said “yes”. (it really didn’t say that on their post AND wasn’t mentioned when I asked if they wanted something specific prepared for the audition)


I can sing well enough to have been in a few musicals in the ensemble! But I don’t exactly feel like I have the voice to carry solo parts and I’m okay with that, so if roles require singing I may not submit or if it’s something that looks like an awesome production and I want to try to audition for the experience I just make sure I rehearse my audition song a lot so it’s great. But to just sing on the spot uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhh suuuure. #FakeItTillYaMakeIt. I’m all about fake confidence. If you need to fake your way through an audition, fine. Now don’t go and say you’re like a karate master and you can’t even hold down a toddler, that’s extreme. Here is where my moms saying comes in. I may not go out for musicals a lot BUT just in case I’m at an audition and they want to hear me sing I have a song prepared. Just like with the go to monologue I have a go to song that I know fits my voice well so I was able to go in there and sing without saying “oh well I didn’t know I had to sing”, “I didn’t get to warm up”, or some other excuse as to why I couldn’t sing for them.

Moral of the story: BE READY. Have your ducks in a row, eggs in the basket, eyebrows on fleek, hair done nails done everything did, whatever ready is to you…be that!

p.s I got a part as an understudy so clearly my singing was at least second best lol.
p.s.s I had to turn it down because of scheduling conflicts. womp womp woooomp
Happy Monday! That is all.

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