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Something to Think About

I was scrolling on facebook and saw a headline that said ‘mom transforms shipping container into something worth millions’. Why are women described in headlines as “mom of…”, “wife of…”, “Daughter of…”, Girlfriend of…”? How about “Incredible woman…”, or I don’t know…her name? We go from our parents’ daughters, to girlfriends, to wives, to moms, to grandmothers.

Two friends I work with are married to each other and I always get so angry when I hear “Where is (guys name), wife today?” And when I say of you mean, (womans name) they’re like uhh yeah I guess…(guys name) wife. She has a name! Whether it matters to you or not someone thought long and hard about what this woman would be called the rest of her life and you choose to call her “(guys name) wife”. That is incredibly disrespectful! I actually had a discussion with her about it one day and she told me that she actually hates it. She has worked there just as long as her husband, is just as hard working; yet men, and I say men not to bash men but because it is often men not women, can’t seem to care to remember her name.


I am a woman; an intelligent, beautiful, determined, hard working woman named Lundyn. And yes, I am a daughter (to an amazing woman I would like to add ), a great granddaughter (to an amazing woman), granddaughter ( to amazing women), a sister, a niece, a cousin, and a girlfriend but FIRST I am a woman named Lundyn. 

Just a thought. Happy Tuesday!

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