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I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Where do I get life alert! #ImDramatic

So on Wednesday I was trying to get the new puppy (im a step mom to a new pup) to pee outside and he just was not having it. He just kept running back up the steps to the deck so finally after the 3rd time I carried him down the steps and as I was holding him of course he’s wiggling around like a psycho! I stepped off the last step and onto uneven ground and then I was just on the ground. OUCH! I thought I just rolled my ankle but then I looked down and saw that my ankle was the size of a tennis ball! (I only use tennis ball because my friend told me “omg it’s the size of a tennis ball” several times! she’s all about making you feel better lol drama queeeeeeeeen, but she was right lol)

Let me just let you in on a little about my life. I’m an actress…I need BOTH ankles so an injury is NOT convenient! I currently work for a murder mystery company and had a show on Friday that I did not want to miss! I also had to film for a web series I am the lead in on Saturday! Also, between all of that I occasionally have a life so I had things to do!!!!

Right after it happened I started icing, taking ibuprofen and had it propped up thinking that by Friday I would be good to go! Thursday I woke up and the swelling was worse! I figured it was most likely because I didn’t have it wrapped (yeah, dumb I know). I got an ace bandage and had it wrapped Thursday between icing ( still thinking that in 24 hours my ankle would be normal again…The definition of in denial.)  Between all of this my boss got wind of what was happening and immediately decided there was no way she was risking me getting injured further so I was replaced in the show and told to rest on Friday. *eye roll*. I love love looooooove that my health came first, but I also love money!

Another look into my life. I am a very determined person and I don’t like to back out of things especially when it comes to work. In high school I was on the track team I was told I had tendinitis in both hips and should stop running so I stopped…..after the season was over because there was NO way I was abandoning my team! I have a problem! I don’t listen unless some actually forces me to sit my ass down and rest.

Back to the story. I needed Friday to rest, honestly, I knew it then and I definitely know it now based on how I feel! So thank you to my awesome boss for making me have several seats! Saturday, however, because it wasn’t going to be intense I decided to go film and I felt fine because pretty much everything I had to do required sitting so between takes I propped my foot up. Now it’s Sunday and I still have swelling and I’m limping anddddddddd I hate it. THIS SUCKS! I am 25 years old aka too damn old to be injured. I don’t like sitting around all day I just want to get up, work out, move, jump up and down, do a cart wheel, downward dog, SOMETHING!

With everything comes a lesson…I’m learning patience. Something I hate and a word I think is dumb but as I sit on this couch with my foot propped up I’m taking advantage of this time to write, read, and just rest.

Moral of the story: Take a moment to rest; or the universe will force you to.


I write new posts once a week-ish! Also if there is a doctor in the house heal my ankle JK…kinda.

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