Use Your Words

I feel like the #1 reason for disorganization in a project is lack of communication. USE YOUR WORDS! Do not leave me in the dark it makes my head hurt and adds stress to my life! Trust me the stress I create for myself is enough for 9 people I don’t need more. When it comes to acting most people don’t like to do unpaid work because there are people who waste your time. They tell you one thing and it ends up being the opposite. You reserve days for them so you can film and you get to set FIRST (talent should NEVER be first) waiting for the director and crew and then they show up like they aren’t an hour late. I love to help people create their awesome stories so if you want to cast me in your project and you can’t pay me then whatever, we are going to make this great piece of art and people will love it. But, the people who take advantage of other people’s time ruin it for the good ones.

DO NOT MAKE ME WAIT FOR YOU WITHOUT A HEADS UP! You know if you’re going to be late so call me, beep me if ya wanna reach me!( shout out to kim possible) SOMETHING! Before the day of filming if you tell me you’re going to send me information by a certain day and cant…TELL ME! Just send me an email saying “hey ya know my bad the day is cray I’m not going to get that information to you by the time I said I would”. In a world of “talk to text” it doesn’t take long to send an email or text. Obviously I know things happen, this business is very unpredictable, or you just get busy and in over your head I can forgive and move on but COMMUNICATE, PLEASE!

Now I’m not saying that if I was being paid all of these things wouldn’t matter the point is time is money! If I agree to your project I can’t do another one. I am reserving myself and my talent FOR YOU so respect that and respect my time. I would still be annoyed if I was getting paid but unpaid jobs seem to be more unorganized.

If I agree to do something I will honor that and do it but if you are not organized and waste my time I will never work with you again.

The end.

Happy Saturday friends! 

I try to post once a week sometimes I do…sometimes I don’t. This is me communicating to you that sometimes an entire week goes by and I don’t post a blog! HA!
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