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Growth is a funny thing we’re all doing it…well most of us, but somehow you often notice growth in others before you notice it in yourself. People often say “you’ve changed” but I feel like it is usually said in a negative way and the negative tone is either deserved or the person is just not used to change and growth themselves so it scares them and their “you’ve changed” is really a “wow, you’re growing and I’m the same”. Yes, change can be good  and bad personally the only changes I’ve made have been for the better. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not clueless to the world there are a ton of people who change and develop terrible habits or characteristics from bad influences or just from a tragic moment in their life. I’m not talking about the bad change here we are keeping it positive and talking about the good change aka GROWTH!

Two nights ago I went to an event for the ryse app. The app is a platform for shows and movies the way hulu and netlfix are but their goal is to add more diversity  and give a chance to the young /up and coming people in the industry (for example yours truly!). I highly recommend you go to and download it or go to your appstore and search ryse app.

Anyway back to the topic! While at the event they showed a sneak peak for Blerds, a series about a young black woman (black nerd….blerd…get it?) who is skilled in coding and her challenges getting into the white male dominated field. After the sneak peak and a Q&A I knew I needed to meet the writer of the show. They say this business is all about who you know, but I don’t know who theyyyy are I think it’s about who knows you. People meet aspiring actors and actresses all the time so yeah YOU could know him or her ,but do they KNOW YOU? If they saw your headshot show up at a casting call would they say, “Oh i know this face”?

I’ve been in Atlanta for almost 3 years and I’m not shy at all, but when it comes to talking about myself and networking for me it was difficult in the beginning. I typically would let people talk for me and introduce me so they could get the conversation going for me because I thought why would this person talk to me if they don’t know me. Basically, I thought I needed a hype person someone to be like “hey lundyn is awesome talk to her!” But now…put me in a room  and I’m ready! I stood waiting for the writer of the series to be done talking to everyone else just to basically introduce myself and ask her about casting. That’s it! It literally took 2 minutes (only because she had to leave trust me I wanted to talk longer). There was no fear, I didn’t think omg what if she thinks im lame, or what if she doesn’t want to talk to another person, none of that!

I HAVE GROWN! and hell yeah im proud of myself and gave myself a, “you go girl” while I drove home because sometimes you need to give yourself a high five and say, “Girl, you da bomb!” I definitely know that I need certain people to help me get further in my career (any agents out there, hiiiiiiiiiii) but I have learned that I don’t need to be afraid to talk to people and pitch myself because no one knows my talent better than me! And I’ve done lots of networking but for some reason 2 nights ago was the first time I really saw myself and thought about where I started almost 3 years ago.

Today I challenge you to think about the growth you’ve made in the last year, or month, or week, or even just since yesterday and tell yourself “Hey you! YOU’RE AWESOME AND YOU’RE KILLIN IT!”


That is all. kthanksbyeeeeeeeeee

Sidenote: I’m not cool enough for people to ask me to post about their business so I legit think it’s an awesome app.
In my mind I post once a week…In reality I post when my mind is ready. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN. Typically I post once a week but giving myself a schedule feels like homework and no one likes homework.
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