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Scrappy Little Nobody-Anna Kendrick

photo of book cover from good ol’ google

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Anna Kendrick more than I already do she writes book…and it’s amazing.

Since I want to be an actress( well I am an actress but I mean like a real actress that works regularly and is asked to be apart of projects instead of searching the internet for any audition I can get in) I love reading about other actors and actresses that I admire and look up to. Once I knew one of my faves wrote a book I didn’t run to the store to immediately buy it, I told you I’m an actress which means I’m broke, I added it to my list and finally was able to read it the past few days.

It was honestly so perfect! It was funny, and gave me so much hope about my own career. Based on what I was reading she seems like a very hard working woman and I actually had no idea she started her career so young. I have so much respect for her as an actress and fellow sarcastic woman. So for anyone up for a good laugh check out Scrappy little nobody by Anna Kendrick and get ya laugh on!!!

This is a short one I know. Definitely not a REAL book review but I though it was such a great book and just wanted share. I will most likely keep doing these and maybe sharing other things that I come across and enjoy.

For all my aspiring actors and actresses out there when you have a bad day “remember why you started!”

That is all. kthanksbyeeeeeee

I try to post at least once a week. The past couple weeks have been a fail my baaaaaaad!



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