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Holidays-Adult style

I know the holidays are over but they are also busy so this is a late holiday post.

Typically every year I go back home for the holidays since I no longer live in the same state as my family and well…I miss my momma! Typically you think yay a little vacay from work time to party and chill with friends and hangout with the fam. NOPE! Pretty sure I slept the first 2 days. It honestly didn’t even feel like it was the end of the year I felt like I was just at home for 2 weeks for no reason. There was no anticipation and hope of getting the one thing I asked for because I literally asked for nothing. My grandmother asked me what I wanted and I said absolutely nothing. At this point in life if I am going to receive anything it should be able to pay a bill because those are my only worries in life. Anything I really need I typically try to buy myself. I don’t “want” for a lot of things #1 because I am so simple it’s stupid, #2 I don’t window shop as often as I used to because I work 10-12 hours a day and on the weekends I sleep, #3 I like looking at my little bit of money sitting in my bank account and only going up, #4 my priorities are so in order even my mom is like you need to chill and have fun for 5 seconds.

I don’t even like making plans anymore! It feels like work! I just want to go with the flow. Now don’t get me wrong if you want to schedule something 48 hours from now then that’s cool, but don’t contact me an entire month before I even step foot onto the plane to make plans….I can’t. Sorry! That requires adding it to my calendar so I remember and that also feels like work. I promise if we are friends I WILL see you. Obviously if things are important and require appointments that’s a different story *cough cough*bridesmaids dress shopping *cough*. I’m in TWO yup TWO weddings! One this year and one next year so dress shopping with my girls was pretty important.

Anyway! Even for new years my goal was to stay home! But one of my closest friends happened to be born on new years eve so I surprised her a long with some other friends with a little party planned by 2 of our mutual friends but I was home by 11:30 to ring in the new year with my mom (who i had to wake up), my step dad (who i would never attempt to wake up so he missed out) and my step sister (who was wayyyyy too awake) . I’ve been really into just listening to my body and understanding what it is telling me and my mind and body were telling me no (you know that’s funny).

In all seriousness being home isn’t exactly a vacation. I get pulled in so many different directions and I try to see and please everyone and end up exhausted so this time I did it my way and it was beautiful. I stayed in a lot and was able to really spend time with my family and feel like I caught up on what has been going on in their lives. I saw my closest friends and most importantly got some much needed rest!

I don’t make new years resolutions typically but this year I made a few.

More yoga, focus on my physical and mental health more, see the positive in every situation, and have more fun 🙂

I hope you all (or the one person who will read this) have a beautiful year filled with love and happiness.




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