OMG you’re not drinking???

Why aren’t you drinking? Are you doing like a cleanse or something? Are you sick? Do you drink at all?


I like going out to restaurants or bars for dinner, apps, drinks, laughs and all that good stuff. Sometimes when I go out I decide ya know I’m not really in the mood for a glass of wine or a vodka cranberry (basic I know) . Whenever I have a night where I decide not to drink I get 100 questions from EVERYONE! But why? When did it become weird to want to have a good time and not include a drink. The answer is simple I don’t really have a taste for alcohol at the moment, but I will order sliders and fries and demolish them!

I feel like it’s like asking someone why they aren’t eating a specific food. Say you go to a party and the host makes burgers and hot dogs and you decide you don’t want either of those things. People may assume you’re on a diet or you’re a vegetarian. But really it could just be uhhhhh idk maybe you just don’t want that! Maybe you would rather snack on chips and dip. But it’s never as big as when someone doesn’t drink. I get that drinking is a social thing for people but I personally enjoy a glass of water after a long day especially if I’m already tired.

Now I’m not saying it’s bad to have a drink with every meal or start it in the morning I’m all for a mimosa on a Sunday morning to get my Sunday funday brunch going but if I decide to have cranberry hold the vodka for breakfast it shouldn’t be followed by a round of 21 questions.

People who don’t want to drink may not be on a cleanse, or health freaks, calorie counters, secretly recovering alcoholics, weird, a buzz, or a party pooper. They are simply a person who has made a choice to not drink at the moment and when the response is I just don’t want to LET IT GO! Hey! maybe in 10 min they will say hmmmm I want a glass of wine, guess what? They also have the right ¬†to change their mind and no it wasn’t because you convinced them!

Just think about it. We live in a world where it is weird to go somewhere that serves alcohol (which is really any place except fast food) and not drink. Why is that?




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