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Things I’ve learned in Atlanta

I did a one year after college graduation post so I figured I would do a short one year in Atlanta post

Here are some things I’ve learned from living here.

-No license plate?…no problem. I promise you 90% of the cars on the road don’t have a license plate and I don’t mean that there is just nothing in that spot they make a small effort by placing cardboard in that spot that says “tag applied for”, “lost tag”, or “tag stolen” or they literally write numbers and letters on the cardboard. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU’RE FOOLING? The best part is these people are driving in front of cops or driving by a cop and not getting pulled over….excuse me while I never renew my registration for my car. Out of the other 10% like 5% have an expired tag so they still lose! Welcome to Atlanta where a license plate is not necessary.

-What is a turn signal? I’m just going to say that cars in Atlanta don’t have the capability of that thing that warns people you’re about to go from 80mph to 20mph to make a turn or to let someone know that you would like to change lanes. Excuse me while I practice reading minds while I drive so that I just know when someone is about to get in front of me.

-Oh why is there traffic you ask? because it’s a day of the week…that’s it. If you have to take the highway to work you MUST leave early and deal with the fact that you’re just going to be 20 min early because if not you’ll just be an hour late. There is no avoiding it…if you leave one minute after you’re supposed to BOOM LATE!

-These streets are not made for rain. Honestly the state isn’t made for anything but sun because if there is a drop of rain there is just instantly an ocean on the ground. I need a boat!

-why is everything 30 min away? Oh it’s around the corner….aka 30 min.

Clearly they call it Hotlanta for a reason!

–  Just because it is 70 degrees and feels great in the morning doesn’t mean it wont be 100 within the next hour. Also just because there is a monsoon happening doesn’t mean that once you get to wherever you’re going it won’t be 100 degrees and sunny therefore making you look like an idiot with your rain boots on (it happened to me). Just because it is suppose to “rain all day” doesn’t mean that it won’t actually be 100 degrees all day. There are great things to do outside…good luck NOT having a heat stroke because it is 105 degrees.

In all seriousness I actually really love it here there is always something to do and the heat you can kinda get use to just get some shorts, tanks and an ice cold beverage and don’t think about it. The people are very interesting and I feel like everyone is trying to do something and be someone which can be very inspiring! P.S I still get excited that I can buy wine at the grocery store, Target and Walmart.


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