#HostessProblems episode 2

I typically only work friday, saturday and sunday but I picked up a shift for thursday night and I honestly thought oh this is going to be a piece of cake! NOPE! Now, it wasn’t insane but of course I still have a couple stories. Here ya go!

Me: “Hello, sir how are you?”

Man: “what’s the wait?”

Me: “How many are in your party tonight?”

Man: “There’s 2”

Me: “For two it will be about 1 hour and 30min would you like to add your name to the list”

*he walks away telling his friend how crazy that is* REMEMBER! he walked awayyyyy!! so the next person steps up and I am helping them and he comes back and says “How are you going to call me if you didn’t even get my name or number”

Me: “Oh I thought you were discussing with your friend whether or not you were staying…what’s your name?”

Let’s take a step back and remember that HE WALKED AWAY!

Man: *says his name* then says “I’ve been here several times and this is just the worst service…this is horrible”


Me: “And your phone number,sir?”

Man: “Forget it we will go to another place!!!”

I literally stood there with my mouth wide open and the people behind him stepped up and said “did that really just happen to you.” YUP!

After that no one else was rude it actually was a great night…then the phone rings (1 of the 5 billion times it rang that night) so I answer and the man says “Hi can a place an order for pick up”

Me: “Unfortunately sir, we do not take togo orders over the phone but if you come in one of our bartenders would be happy to take that order for you!”

Man: “Well that is wildly inconvenient of you!”

Me: I literally said “I’m sorry you feel that way sir…”


HE HUNG UP ON ME! RUDE!!!!!!! I mean honestly I’m sure the owner thought about the fact that when you tell someone to pick up their food in 15 min they always show up in 30 and nothing is worse than food that has been sitting for 30min think about that the next time you decide to hang up on someone!

And as I said in the last #hostessproblems post if you go out to eat this weekend ESPECIALLY TOMORROW AKA 4TH OF JULY be nice to the hosts! Also…please stop trying to pay us and tell us some sad story to make your wait shorter…it doesn’t make the people currently sitting eat any faster! HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE AND BE SAFE!


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