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I have no self control (OITNB Spoilers)

If you have self control and didn’t watch all of orange is the new black yet stop here.

Over the weekend I watched orange is the new black…all of season 3 just like the rest of the crazy people with zero self control. Here it is days later since I finished and I’m still mad it’s over and mad I watched it so fast. Also, just like the rest of the world I’m wondering where the heck Ruby Rose came from!!!


I absolutely loved the season!! All the back stories were amazing the new characters fit right in and I’m glad Vee wasn’t secretly alive because she didn’t need to be in this season…she did enough last season. BUT I have some questions #1 how long did it take to shoot that last scene!!! It had to be like a week. I loved it! #2 uhhhh Nicky went down the hill and just never came back!!! What happened!!!??? Is she coming back next season? #3 what happens to Sophia! I can live with no Nicky but Sophia?…I need her!! #4 Most importantly what the hell happens to Alex!!!!! You can’t just end like that! I NEED to know!!!

Knowing they just started filming season 4 makes me feel a little better only because at least I know there is a next season so I will eventually have answers. BUT I have to wait an entire year!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

P.S I also recently finished parenthood can you say TEARS I would like to blame my best friend for not warning me!…you know who you are πŸ˜’.

Happy Humpday πŸͺ🐫


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