As some of you know until I am discovered and end up in a movie with Kerry Washington I work at a restaurant as a hostess because this girl over here is an ADULT and I got bills bills bills. Working as a hostess you are the first person a guest will see and the one who gives them a devastating 2 hour wait time (for a party of 8 on a Saturday if you expect anything less you should have several seats…at McDonalds!). So last weekend we had a party come in early to put their name on the list (we don’t take reservations) because she was going to have like 12 people…she was smart to come early. Then a couple hours later we got several other large parties of 5 and 8. Well, one party of 8 was not very happy when they received a 2 hour wait time and 1 hr and 30 min later they weren’t seated. I know for a fact it was a 2 hour wait because I told her myself! We let her know that there was 1 other large party ahead of her but she would be seated by the time we quoted her (30 more min). Angry blonde storms out. Then she returns 30 min later and we told her we had a spot for her and would seat her as soon as it was done being set up. So because the party of 12 was all there and the table was ready we sat them first! Well blonde girl comes back and she says ” OH NO THEY CAME AFTER US AND YOU SAT THEM FIRST WE ARE LEAVING!”. The other hostess and my manager let her know that party was there hours before her and that her table was ready so we can walk them over now but she didnt care she stormed out…AGAIN. AND gave us the finger.

YOU JUST WAITED 2 HOURS AND HAVE 7 OTHER HUNGRY PEOPLE WITH YOU AND YOU DECIDE YOU’RE LEAVING…when your table is literally ready. WHAT! I honestly laughed for like 10 min because it was just ridiculous! Why would you make all your friends wait that long then just decide you’re over it. btw we did not go over their quote time at all!!!! If I was her friend I would be like uhhhhh you can leave but ill take that table.

To anyone who reads this…be nice when you go out to eat. If you are told 2 hours we don’t mind if you just come and check to see how things are going but don’t be mad when you actually have to wait your ENTIRE quote time…that’s just silly!

While I’m here let me just state a few things you shouldn’t do!

1. Offering money will not actually get you higher on the list. Your $5 is not worth another party being pissed off because they were skipped.

2. No I will not watch your dog that is not allowed to be tied up outside of our restaurant!

3. When we say ” we will send you a text when your table is ready” that means do not have your phone on silent, do not get so drunk at the bar that you don’t realize you haven’t checked your phone in hours, and please give us a phone number of someone who has a battery of more than 1%.

4. Don’t try to use your kids to get a table faster. “oh we have 2 young kids with us”. I don’t have kids and even i know it’s a bad idea to go out to eat on a weekend and your kids are STARVING! snacks are your friends!

5. Speaking of kids…the restaurant is not a playground and I am not a babysitter…the end.

Remember these fun facts next time you go out to eat! We are on your team! We hate when the kitchen gets behind and tables take too long to get cleared trust me we WANT you to sit down!


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