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Am I becoming my mother?

I went to sleep me and woke up a little less me and more my mother. I understand maybe when you have a child you realize you’ve become your mother but I’m only 23 and I don’t have children!!! I never understood how my mom could just sit in a room with the tv off and drink coffee or something and just be there doing nothing. NOW I liiiiiiiiiiiiiive for those moments I can just sit in silence and digest my own thoughts and just have a cup of tea (coffee=ew). I told a child “because I said so” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN! Why do people say that! It isnt even a valid reason to make someone do something! I’ve dedicated days to cleaning and organizing my closet. WHAT! who cares how the shoe boxes are stacked and how the the clothes are hung and what is folded….welp now I do! Even the way I think about things has changed and it could just mean that I am getting older and more mature blah blah blah but to me it’s a little weird.


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