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I don’t even actually feel qualified to pick best dressed because I missed a lot of the red carpet (you like how my only reason for non qualification is the fact that I didn’t watch…because I have all this fashion knowledge HA!)

Here are the people that I did see and liked side note…I still don’t think anyone has really beat Kate Hudson from the Golden globes but that’s just me.

Ryan Seacrest always looks amazing, but will someone please explain to me when this man sleeps? He has 55 jobs and always looks wide awake! I have one bad night of sleep and it looks like I spent my night running away from wild animals!

Ryan Seacrest. Photo from lifeandstylemag.com
Ryan Seacrest. Photo from lifeandstylemag.com

I actually love that Lady GaGa is done wearing food or entering  the red carpet inside of an egg. I mean it is cool to be unique…do you boo but I love this look! She is absolutely stunning!!

Lady Gaga. Photo from time.com
Lady Gaga. Photo from time.com

Now for the not so good…Kim K where is your robe from? And I LOVED iggy’s outfit but this hair LOL. Seriously people who put these together are my favorite!!


Rihanna…UM! Why? This was not a dress it was a pink bandeau from VS with pink weave sewn on it!

Spot the Rihanna!
Spot the Rihanna!


The amount of times LL cool J licks his lips has always annoyed me! Do you need chapstick? Are your lips chapped? Is it just a habit? I’m just confused!

FOUR CHEERS FOR SAM SMITH! Those awards were WELL deserved and his performance was so great but did anyone else notice that Mary J Blige was still trying to do her signature dance even to that song!

I love Pharrell but I just wonder if he is tired of performing Happy. I mean it’s a great song BUT I feel like its been out for like 5 years and he’s performed it more ways than necessary.

I honestly can’t pick just one favorite performance! Let’s discuss Madonna for a second though #1 does she age?…Nope! , #2 HER BODY IS RIDIC #3 her performance was so on point I decided I was doing life very wrong after that starting with the fact that my legs aren’t as bomb as hers! Church by Hozier never gets old!!! Absolutely love this song! Annie lennox killed it straight out of the gate! How do you recover from watching something that great! I still haven’t recovered! Please do yourself a favor and watch it if you havent….do it now……welcome back! are you alive after that?

Sia’s performance with Kristen wiig was awesome and I was suuuuuper impressed with Kristen! Maddie is always amazing that little girl is going to be around for a long time! Apparently people didn’t understand why she was “singing to the wall” UM if i had a bomb performance like that planned I wouldn’t turn around either! Enjoy everything that was put into the performance you don’t need to see her face!

Katy Perry went from dancing with sharks to bringing everyone to tears! The woman sharing her experience in an abusive relationship and Katy perry singing was so powerful! I was honestly speechless and just took a deep breath after.

Was it the best show ever? I mean probably not but I didn’t think it was bad and everyone freaking out about beyonce singing at the end have a seat! You guys act like she walked up there and was like LOOOOOOOOOOK im singing this song nobody else! And everyone mad she didn’t do 7/11 learn to pay attention you should have known from the beginning what was going to happen…DUH! But where did Mr. licks his lips a lot go? We saw him like 4 times! Can I host next year?

A word from the blogger: it is 12:42am I am very tired and not capable of catching all the errors this post contained…judge me.

Happy monday/tuesday!


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