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What do you mean 9-1-1 couldn’t find her?

I heard about this story a couple days ago and heard the full story on the news last night. I have a problem knowing that if I call 911 they may not be able to find me. On the news they talked about how if you type in the address the woman gave over the phone into Google maps it pops up instantly but the 911 operators don’t use Google maps.Also, since she didn’t have the cell service of the nearest tower her 911 call went to a different county…I still don’t get this because why are they only able to search within their county! Why do you then have to wait for them to discover that it is the wrong county and then get transferred? This isn’t ordering a pizza this is someones life! Every little second matters and when I listened to the tape I heard a woman who was surprisingly calm and trying desperately to get the woman on the phone all the information she could.

This is the conversation. (This is from

Operator: 911 what is the address of the emergency? (Water can be heard sloshing; the operator repeats the question.)

Anderson: I’m in a car in a lake.

Operator: Where?

Anderson: The Fairway off of Batesville (Road) 30188 (water sloshing more loudly as she moves around in the SUV).

Operator: Is that the address where the lake is?

Anderson: Yes ma’am. (Breathes heavily.)

Operator: Give me the address again to make sure I have it right.

Anderson: The Fairway.

Operator: The Fairway?

Anderson: The Fairway as in golf course.

Operator: The Fairway? Batesville and what … Batesville and where?

Anderson: The Fairway and Batesville.

Operator: Batesville and what?

Anderson: The Fairway is a street, ma’am.

Operator: Fairway? I don’t have that. Is that in Milton? What city is that in?

Anderson: 30188 (more water sloshing as she gives the zip code) Ma’am, I’m losing air very quickly.

Operator: Give me the address again. It is not working….

Anderson: The Fairway (voice becomes inaudible as panic sets in; water sloshing; line goes dead).

Operator: Ma’am… (Then to a colleague) I lost her. She’s in a lake.

You can probably look up the clip to listen for yourself but just as clear as you can read it is how clear she was speaking. She called around 4am and at 4:27am the fire department was there. Before all of this she called someone for help and he then called 911 and was told that help was on the way.

This is very disturbing and it seems to be a lot wrong with the systems 911 operators use. Why can I type an address into my phone that you can’t find on a system designed to quickly locate me and save me. It’s scary to know that it is 2015 and with this great technology that we have the 911 operators may not be able to accurately locate you if you’re in need.

Here is the link to the article I used. I’m sure there are many more.


2 thoughts on “What do you mean 9-1-1 couldn’t find her?

  1. When I was in a car accident last month, the police couldn’t find me. I was located on an exit ramp from the highway. When I called them I explained where I was, where I was coming from, etc. They called back 3 times before they found me. And they only found me because a passerby (actually 2) called 911 as well. When I got home, I was telling my boyfriend and mother about how if I was seriously hurt that would have been a disaster. I was trapped in my car, and so were the other driver and passenger. But we were okay. I’m unsure how it’s so difficult to find people who clearly identify their locations?

    Also, I was afraid to click the link of your story because I was afraid she had died. I see that it said they rescued her though, thank goodness.


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