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Not so super bowl?

Just going to jump right in and say that Idina Menzel is bomb. com!! Ugh I would give anything to be able to see her live. No matter what she sings I have goosebumps at the end! I’m just going to throw this out there if any of my readers have some connections I want Idina to sing Happy birthday to me! You have until August ready…go!

The commercials were a tad bit depressing and it seemed to be an fathers day. I’m all for honoring dads but by halftime I was over it…literally!


Speaking of halftime


Ohhh Katy! The people who make this stuff in a matter of seconds are the real MVPs!! I like Katy Perry I think she’s a great artist but when you perform at the Super bowl you can’t just have an average performance. If last night was an award show I would have said yay go Katy buuuuuut it wasn’t. I was sooooo excited for Missy tho!!! I felt like my younger self was jumping for joy and I hope we see more of her flippin and reversin this year! Poor Lenny after he sang 5 words everyone forgot about him! As for next years Super bowl why not just have tswift do a lil somethin somethin I may not be her biggest fan but she’s entertaining! And she would probably have some awesome surprises! But let’s all be grateful because remember after Janet exposed her tata the halftime show was suuuuper boring for years. If you weren’t behind a piano fully clothed there was no way you were getting on stage.

I guess I should actually discuss the game. Going into the game I honestly didn’t care who won. This was me


Yup…sorry not sorry (Go Ravens!). But although  I didn’t really care I think I speak for everyone when I say what the heck Seattle!!!! Why didn’t you run the ball!! Guarantee you even my great grandmother would have been like “child let’s run” (say that in an old lady voice I bet you’ll laugh). But seriously what the heck!!! AND THEN i guess they were like we lost I’m mad let’s fight. Ew! You can all have a seat and go back to “don’t be a sore loser” school I may not know a lot about football but what I do know is ya should have run the ball duh!!
Now that that’s over back to award show season. Yay!!


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