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The Friday #TGIT hangover!( no spoilers!!)


Greys anatomy (I actually missed it), Scandal, and How to get away with murder ( pronounced: hooooow togetawaayyy with murrrda) are back and they came back with. A. Bang. Who the heck do you think you are Shonda messing with our emotions like this!?!? I couldn’t even focus on HTGAWM because scandal literally gave me hope then ripped my heart out played with it and put it back. I feel like I was stranded on an island super hangry… Yes hAngry and someone gave me the biggest box of honey nut cheerios (my fave) and a huge bowl and no milk….RUDE! My point is i was kinda given an answer but now I have way more questions. I don’t understand! All I have to say is I am 99% Portia’s character is the devil.
To anyone suffering from last nights events take deep breaths next week will be here before you can come up with 50 theories of what will happen.


2 thoughts on “The Friday #TGIT hangover!( no spoilers!!)

  1. Greys made me cry multiple times, so get tissues! Andddd I need to catch up on HTGAWM and NEEEEEEDDD to start Scandle. Yes, I said start. I know, I’m failing right now.


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