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Photo from www.elle.com
Photo from http://www.elle.com.

I’m not sure if I was blind last night but personally nothing really jumped out at me as just being absolutely fantastic as far as best dressed. At the Golden Globes I had moments where I almost had a heart attach but this red carpet was pretty blah to me. Also, I’m sure I’m not the only one who missed Giulianna Rancic interviewing! The woman has a gift has been doing it for a while and it takes a special kind of person to be able to keep conversation flowing and not just say the same thing over and over and have awkward pauses. Unfortunately, Maria Menounos didn’t fill Giuliannas big shoes but maybe next time she will do a better job.

Can we just take a moment and talk about the brits!!! THEY ARE TAKING OVER!!! They did so many segments on “the brits this..”, “the brits that..” OKAY! we get it! they are crazy talented over there and we need to step it up ASAP!

Pretty sure I declare every award show my favorite when it starts but for real I think the sag awards is my favorite because they start it will little testimonies from the actors.

“When I was a little girl I wanted to be Scarlett O’Hara…oh well I’m Jennifer Aniston and I’m an actor!” -Jennifer Aniston


Now onto the important part!

I absolutely love modern family and the only show allowed to beat them is orange is the new black so WAY. TO.GO cast of Orange Is the New Black and please hurry with season 3 I can’t take it anymore!!!

Photo from www.eonline.com
Cast of Orange is the New Black. Photo from http://www.eonline.com

The struggle is so real!

photo from rebloggy.com
photo from rebloggy.com

Okay back to the SAG Awards! As I stated in my post about the Golden Globes CAN MERYL STREEP JUST PLEASE WIN SOMETHING! Really is it just me or does she really just never win!

Dear Meryl,

You’re a winner in my book.

Sincerely, Lundyn

Let’s end this lovely post with how shocked the room looked when Viola Davis won for Female Actor in a Drama series! YAAAAAAAAS VIOLA YAAAAAAAS! Clearly I am a fan of How to get away with murder (pronounced: hoooooow togetawaaay with murda) but she is also phenomenal in everything else that she does too.

Photo from www.abcnews.com
Photo from http://www.abcnews.com

Speaking of how to get away with murder. TGIT IS BACK!!!! (YOU MAY NOW FREAK OUT)


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