Size requirement for the gym now?

Anytime I go to the gym I get “why are you here, you’re small” (this came from the instructor of the class i took btw) SO!!! Last time I checked there wasn’t a size requirement to be healthy, fit, and want to build muscle! Just because I’m small doesn’t mean I’m in shape and it certainly doesn’t mean there is a 6 pack hiding under my shirt AND it doesn’t mean im 100% comfortable walking around in a crop top. So all you people who think it’s dumb that I go to the gym can have several seats! If I want to eat healthy then let me eat healthy just because I’m small doesn’t mean I can eat whatever I want or even that I want to eat gross food all the time. I’m not walking around saying “omg I’m fat wahhhh” I just want some muscle and to be healthy.
QUESTION: Would it be right for me to go up to someone in McDonalds who looks unhealthy and ask why they are eating the biggest cheeseburger ever? (Let’s not forget the diet coke) NOPE!

Wanting to be healthy should be celebrated not turned into something negative because of my size. I can’t apologize for literally just being born small!

That it all.
Happy Friday!!!


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