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Dear younger self!

Dear younger self,


Okay let me give a little back story. When I was younger I wont lie I was a bit of a brat. Example: me: “Mom, going to school is way harder than your job…you just sit at a desk all day” (I was smart enough not to actually say this but I thought it and that is just as bad) Example #2: me: “Mom, I have to drive 15-20 to school every day which means I have to wake up earlier than everyone else because I’m not just around the corner it isn’t fair. (I was driving a car that was given to me all I was responsible for was gas and routine maintenance and I was driving a very nice luxury apartment)

Now that I’ve been working a super fun 9am-5pm desk job I realize how exhausted my mom must have been and I just wonder why she didn’t punch me in the face when she came home and I was complaining about my dumb high school drama! Honestly has anyone else thought about how annoying they were from age 13-18. I wasn’t a bad kid I didn’t get in trouble (minus my sarcasm..shocker right?) or  push too many buttons but I was definitely annoying…I’m a little irritated with myself!

I don’t even want to have a kid because I wouldn’t be able to deal with a mini me! I would most likely give birth to the definition of sarcasm/irritating! So to my younger self I say clean your room, do the dishes, and stop annoying your mother!


Older, Smarter me!

p.s Holy crap its been a while since I blogged! As usual life happened! So I will now take the time to catch up….

Happy Holidays!

I missed the People’s choice awards 😦

Best dressed at the Golden Globes was Kate Hudson. Number 2 was JLO and they are the reason I am now going to the gym!


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