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Victoria’s Secret Fashion show!

Beautiful models and lingerie that cost more than my college tuition HERE WE GO!

I love the gold opening!! but I had a love/hate relationship with the quick changes of camera angles it was a little annoying!

Candice Swanepoel Photo from http://www.jetss.com

Side note: Candice has always been my favorite but Devon Windsor is up there and a very close second!

Sexy Victoria's Secret Model Devon Windsor Rocks The 2014 VS Fashion Show
Devon Widsor. Photo from Hollywood Take

Also! I want one of these black jackets asap so can someone get this for me that would be great!!

Dream girls! First of all this is my favorite bra! Second, Taylor swifts outfit was awesome and I want one ASAP! AND THIRD her performance was awesome! I like her more and more every time I see her perform!

Taylor Swift performing. photo from: Daily Mail
Karli Kloss (left) Taylor Swift (right)
Karli Kloss (left) Taylor Swift (right)

Exotic Traveler- Let me start by saying Ed Sheeran is absolutely amazing! I could listen to that voice for hours and never get tired of it! The fantasy bras were obviously amazing as usual but I love that they had Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio walk together and share that moment together. I mean I personally don’t get how “special” it is but clearly it’s a big deal to get the honor to put that sucker on your body!

BFFs Alessandra Ambrosio & Adriana Lima Wear Matching Fantasy Bras
Adriana Lima (left) Alessandra Ambrosio (right). Photo from Yahoo!

University Of Pink! Pink holds a special place in my heart because once upon a time I worked at VS and pink was my home! I was a Pink merchandise selling machine!!!! Before anyone asks yes it was a cool job BUT no I do not miss folding panties and giving bra fittings to people who don’t shave their pits OR wear deodorant (insert jimmy fallon “EW”)…you’re welcome for that visual!

Ariana Grande is so cute and I am also little and hate being called cute so I would like to now apologize for calling her cute. Her voice is awesome BUT bang bang without Jessie J is not the same! But hey she got in like 45 songs and got to break it down with her dancers it was basically an Ariana Grande concert featuring tall people walking around her half naked!

Ariana Grande performing. Photo from I4U news

I wish they hadn’t cut this gem out! THANK YOU GOOGLE! Seriously people the struggle is so real for us because tall people never look down!!

Photo from US Magazine

Fairy Tale- Church by Hozier is one of my favorite songs right now so I love that I got a chance to see it performed live.

Adam Levine's Wife Behati Prinsloo Rocks 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Behati Prinsloo

The last theme Angel ball brought back Taylor Swift in another awesome outfit and another great performance!

Taylor Swift (left) Karli Kloss (right)
Taylor Swift (left) Karli Kloss (right)

Overall I thought the show was awesome and I have no clue how they come up with these awesome new themes every year to just make it better and better. Predictions for next year…the way Kendall Jenner is killing it this year I’m sure we will see her strut her stuff on the runway next year.

Obviously it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have suggestions!

  1. Just air it live!
  2. Could it get a little longer? The show just feels shorter and shorter every year!
  3. The most important suggestion: Victoria’s Secret Fashion show: short people edition.

HAPPY HUMP DAY LOVESĀ  and remember if you were 6’2 and did Pilates or took up boxing you too could be a Victoria’s Secret model!


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