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EATEN ALIVE! (if you didn’t watch it and plan to all the spoilers are in this baby!)

I missed eaten alive because I was at an event (I will probably blog about that once I get the pics together) but I finally watched it last night! Thanks to On demand letting me skip commercials it didn’t take me two hours to watch it!

SO! I actually am a little upset because before the show even aired on TMZ had an interview with Paul Rosolie and he said that he was fine after so it kind of gave it away that they didn’t have to like fight the snake at the end to make it vomit him up or something…that obviously would have been gross but I would have still watched it!

QUESTION: How exactly do you train and prepare yourself to hop out of a little boat into BLACK water and attempt to grab a snake that is like 10 times your size? How do you even decide to do that! I understand the purpose was to understand the anaconda and its strength but with all this technology you need a LEGIT person to risk their life…CRAZY!

When they got the first snake I was like oh sweet he got it! then they measured it and he’s like “nope too small”. That “small” snake too all that time and all those men to get it in the boat howwwwwwwww are they going to catch a bigger one…really?

THEN towards the end when they finally saw the one they’ve been looking for I was literally on the edge of my seat! scratch that basically on the floor mouth wide open waiting for him to come up and say “i got the head” but nope! Who knew a show about a man trying to catch an anaconda would get me so worked up. I wanted him to try again! I was sitting there like what do you mean you’re leaving the floating forest!!! NOOOO!! I feel like my emotions were messed with. Now we have to settle for this snake that has already been captured uhhh BOOOOO.

Once he put on the suit I was like ummmmmmm there is no way this anaconda is eating this dude! I understand they can get their mouths around things that are very large but this was just crazy AND THEN when he wanted to take off what was protecting his arms and legs I thought maybe he lied to TMZ and didn’t tell them he lost an arm because in my mind there is no way this is ending well! If I was his wife I would have been like ARE YOU INSANE! and he was just so calm and was like oh ill be fine…no fear in his voice or anything.

After everything he went through because the snake didn’t constrict over the sensor on his back they didn’t even get what they wanted!!!!! AND if he could still feel pressure with that snake what is going to happen with a bigger one! HE NEEDS A NEW SUIT! I personally really hope they do a part 2 because I want him to get the one he wants!

Now according to the internet (super credible right) people are mad that he didn’t get eaten and saying the show failed but i don’t really think it was a failure. I mean maybe they should have called it Paul’s adventure to be eaten by an anaconda…is that too long? Anyway, leave the guy alone he tried and it didn’t happen and at least he didn’t harm the snake so PETA can back up AND i personally learned a lot! Lesson #1 Did anyone notice that the huge snakes were female? WHO RUN THE WORLD?…female anaconda snakes…that’s who! Excuse me while I go create that remix to beyonce’s song!


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