Eyebrow lady drama

I have to start with a confession i love getting my eyebrows done it is actually relaxing for me which yes, I know that is strange but there are people who love getting piercings and tattoos so at least what I love is part of grooming so I don’t look like a cave woman! 
Moving on!…An awesome eyebrow lady is hard to find luckily I found one shortly after I arrived in Atlanta BUT she has so much drama! When I get a Mani or pedi there is a little conversation but I’ve never had an eyebrow lady talk to me as much as she does in that short amount of time and it is totally fine I don’t mind at all but the problem is I have no clue what she is actually saying! After she says hi how are you I’m lost! I’m not even sure if she’s speaking English sometimes and I really try very hard to listen! Usually I just nod my head and say mmhmm and when she laughs I laugh. I probably shouldn’t exaggerate..I get what she is trying to say usually but it’ll be like 5 min later after I replay it in my head.
At least my eyebrows look awesome!

Happy hump day people 🙂


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