Soul Train Awards-Favorite moments!

I will start this the same way I started my post about the AMA’s I know this is a couple days late but…life happened. I also have come to the conclusion that I don’t like posting late sunday nights (award shows end late people I’m an old 23 I have a bedtime) because I have to work monday morning and monday evening…well it’s monday who wants to do anything after work?

Now to what is important favorite moments in no particular order because that would be another 24 hours of me being indecisive!

  • Chris Brown- Loved his performance and I love that he took it back to the beginning when we all fell in love with his music. Did anyone notice that in the beginning of his career he was all about the ladies and now we “ain’t loyal”. Just in case Chris happens to stumble upon this awesome blog I would like you to know that some of us girls are loyal…just sayin.
  • Kem and Ledisi! Soooo good! Kem’s pants were a little loud though I mean im all about a pop of red but when the stage also has some red in it things just look a little crazy. but they sound amazing!

  • We are toonz- SO ENTERTAINING!!!! I may not really know what they are saying 90% of the time (secret old lady problems) but their performance was awesome! I mean even this picture is hilarious!!!

  • Jodeci (cue ladies screaming)- SOOOO GOOD! Now according to twitter (that’s a legit source to obtain facts right?) they were lip syncing and would you like to know what I think about that…WHO THE HELL CARES! It was still amazing and I personally think they were actually singing! AND let’s keep it positive at least there weren’t any technical issues causing them to pull an Ashlee Simpson and if you forgot about that or have no idea what I’m talking about…thank god for youtube! here ya go…

ALSO…whoever made this is awesome!!!!

  • Tinashe!-WHHHHAAAAAT! I was exhausted just watching her perform! Seriously props to her for an outstanding performance! AND good job on NOT have a wardrobe malfunction because I was definitely nervous! but her body looks BOMB!

  • Stephanie mills- First of all I was a theatre major so obviously I am allllll about the song home from the wiz. I don’t even need to say she killed it because that is obvious and being the musical lover I am I sang along and in my mind I also killed it!
  • The Tribute to Kool and The Gang I may be young but I was jammin!!!!! Sometimes these can be really disappointed if they don’t get the right people but this was sooooo good and definitely done right in my opinion,
  • Last but certainly not least THIS IS LADIES NIGHT! YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS! I mean honestly i know I wasn’t really going to pick an absolute favorite moment but I think this was it! And i even watched the show twice (because the first time i didnt take notes for this lovely post ) but even the second time I was still pumped during this entire performance!

Overall I think the show was great and definitely better with production quality than previous years!


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