So my mom came to visit me and of course as soon as I picked her up from the airport we had to look for a place to have breakfast and we came across sun in my belly in Atlanta (btw google is awesome).

From the outside you can’t even actually tell it is a restaurant then you go inside and it’s this quaint little rustic looking cafe! I’m all about a restaurants appearance so I was definitely impressed before I even ate. Once we sat down it wasn’t long before our server came to us (another plus..I hate waiting around for a server!) and got our drink order I’m a huge tea lover so I had their Vanilla Bean tea and absolutely loved it. Now to the good part THE FOOD! OH MY GOSH! I’m not even sure if I can explain how amazing our meals were!

My mom had Challah French toast stuffed with honeyed ricotta and bananas! (top right picture in the college below). I’m pretty picky about french toast so when she said how amazing it was with only one bite I had to reach across the table and see for myself…the result : AMAZING! Full of so much flavor and was like nothing else I have ever had! Definitely the best french toast I’ve EVER!

Usually when you go out to eat with someone if their food is just ridiculously amazing yours is just okay NOT THIS TIME! I give you the the belly benedict! Our server after recommended it because it’s only served on the weekends so since it was Saturday I figured I would try it and I am so glad I did. Just picture this in your mind (and then look at the collage below and look at the pic in the top left spot and let your eyes see the greatness) two pouched eggs with chipotle hollandaise, sweet potatoes, honey glazed bacon hash with garlic-spinach saute AND a buttermilk biscuit! If your mouth isn’t watering right now you should evaluate your life! AGAIN there was so much flavor in every bite I didn’t even know what to do with myself!

I am so glad we found this spot and I can’t wait to go back and try lunch!



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