AMA’S! aka where mostly non american artists win!

Clearly this is a couple days late but hey…life happened.

Honestly everyone looked AMAZING but Kate Beckinsale was probably my favorite. It was just so simple and effortless and she looked stunning! AND pulling off white….good for you girl!

Kate Beckinsale, American Music Awards 2014

I always make sure I can watch the red carpet on E! usually it’s awesome but this year I feel like all the stars we  usually look forward to skipped the carpet this year….or at least skipped interviews. This year the red carpet show was a bit disappointing!

Now to discuss the show starting with the lovely Taylor Swift obviously. I never really know how to feel after Taylor swift performs! She puts so much into it but her acting just seems weird to me. Before you say I’m a hater I will give her props she makes some awesome catchy songs!!!! But sometimes the performance is just extra…but good at the same time? Idk like I said I never really know how to feel lol. Fast forward to later in the show the girl is winning in life right now! Completely killing the game! When Diana Ross presents an award to you all haters have to just sit down.

Sam Smith is amazing! but I did realize that he sounds just like Adele when he talks. So either Adele sounds man-ish or Sam Smith sounds girl-ish. ANYWAY I love them both and Sam Smith had an amazing performance. Honestly he could sing twinkle twinkle little star and it would probably be the most amazing thing in the world!

Lorde may look super crazy when she performs and be a little scary but her songs are awesome so I can live with her weirdness. Claw on girl…CLAW. ON!

I will just go ahead and state the obvious I’m all about Katy Perry but her winning for favorite female pop/rock over Iggy and Lorde was just random! It just makes no sense to me! Speaking of random! 5 seconds of summer have been out for literally 5 seconds and they beat Iggy and Sam Smith for Best new artist….BYE!!

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian?…no! just no! 90% sure she wasn’t actually singing and the skirt with the lace undies under! I worked at VS and folded panties long enough to know that those were VS undies!

FAVORITE PERFOMANCE! Bang Bang…DUH! As soon as Jessie J starts with her walk and gives that first note it’s over! Nothing else compares to that (besides beyonce but she wasnt there so jessie j was queen). Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj are awesome too but Jessie J is just life!

Now, JLO and Fergie…what are they doing and why are their bodies so amazing! I am 23 and I’m very upset that I am nowhere near that level of hotness!

To end this I would like to have 5 seconds of silence for Selena Gomez because the girl is clearly sad and if that performance didn’t make you sad then you’re a freak. And this is coming from someone who has no real feelings.

p.s how about we try to get more americans to win next year! Hey I love me some British and Australian saaaaangers but how about we step it up, America!


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