Black thursday/Friday?

WHAT IS HAPPENING!!! It’s called black FRIDAY because it is suppose to be on Friday! Today I saw a commercial for Old Navy and they are opening at 4pm on thanksgiving! WHY! First of all who is that excited about old navy and wants to go ON thanksgiving like, really? I mean they have some great stuff but I’m not skipping dinner for a sale on jeans and vests. Second, speaking of dinner are people just skipping thanksgiving dinner now? I know some families, including mine, eat really early but come one! The point of thanksgiving for me at least is to spend time with my family for the day especially family members I don’t get to see often! AND WHO WOULD SKIP THE MOST AMAZING MEAL OF THE YEAR!! How is the mall or some store more important than spending time with family(AND THE MOST AMAZING MEAL OF THE YEAR) ! And lets all think about this here…stores usually have really good deals for the entire weekend or have the same deals online so instead of dipping out on family time (AND THE MOST AMAZING MEAL OF THE YEAR)  just order that TV you want online. And really how many people are actually doing Christmas shopping? I know most of the crazies are probably shopping for themselves. The only time I’ve ever been at a store on black Friday is the 5 years I worked in retail and even then I didn’t actually want to be there…I would have much rather been recovering from THE MOST AMAZING MEAL OF THE YEAR!

In case you haven’t noticed thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! STAY WITH YOUR FAMILY! EAT ALL THE FOOD! Then you can go buy stuff for yourself on the real BLACK FRIDAY 🙂

FOOD > stores full of cray cray people


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