Oh hey Kim K

I mean I could say this is a side of Kim we haven’t all seen before but well…that would be false. I have mixed feelings about Kim K and her intentional nude photo seriously I am all over the place with this. On one hand here we are in a time where photos are being leaked without permission so go her for doing a shoot where she called the shots. BUTT…ha see what I did there…butt 🙂 WHYYY! I mean I understand being comfortable in your body but I personally wouldn’t want to explain that to my child down the road. Just think about it here is a future diary entry for teenage North “today I saw an old pic of my mom that the world also saw…she was naked”. I think I would be a little freaked but that’s is just me!

Now back to being neutral…I try really hard not to judge people I would just like to know why she felt the need to share her naked oily body with the world and include FULL frontal…AND WHO HAD THE JOB OF APPLYING THE OIL!!!! WAS IT KANYE! If it was just some random guy who happened to be an assistant that day man does he have bragging rights forever!!! And why expose so much! There are tons of women who do tasteful nude shoots that end up being absolutely beautiful! But her standing there nips all out vag basically showing with that smile on her face…it’s kinda weird.

QUESTIONS: If it was a guy…how different would reactions be? Is it the fact that she is nude or is it the fact that one of the photos is a remake of something that was once VERY offensive?

Hey if Kim K wants to show the goodies let her I mean didn’t we just land on a comet!

BOOTY and NIPS < Landing on a comet. I now pronounce this topic dead…just like twerking! RIP.

Now laugh at this funny pic i found on Google!


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