Things that just shouldnt happen!

There are just things that shouldn’t happen in life! Honestly, I could have made this list 4 pages long but I kept it short and that is probably because I haven’t left the house so I haven’t been exposed to any nonsense.

Here ya go! ALL the things I wish I could just DENY!

  1. DRIVING A NICE CAR WEARING A “SILK”  BONNET! Look, im talking to you my fellow African American ladies! TAKE THE BONNET OFF! Just please stop driving your beautiful luxury vehicle or really any vehicle wearing your bonnet. Actually, just stop leaving the house with it on if you want to sleep in that nonsense go for it but in public…no.
  2. The blonde weave…just why? On some people it looks great but please find a very honest friend who will let you know that it will just not look good! If you can’t find that friend I WILL BE THAT FRIEND! I will gladly tell you the truth!
  3. If you A) let your voice mail box get full B) have a recording that says “this subscriber is not currently taking incoming calls” C) Turn your phone during the day for hours at a time or D) all of the above you just fail at life and I have nothing to say to you besides why do you even own a cell phone!!
  4. Those annoying people who reply to a group text when it is unnecessary! If the person sending the group text is asking the group a question and would like their opinion reply away but if it is just general information why would the rest of us want to know that you “cant wait” or “will see you soon” OR the worst of all do NOT reply with “ok” JUST. DON’T!
  5. If your order at Starbucks takes an entire 60 seconds I can’t even look at you! How do you even come up with this stuff? Is there a book called “how to be the most difficult Starbucks customer” honestly get it together and just learn how to make your nonsense at home!
  6. If your snapchat is literally a 10 second selfie! GO. TO. INSTA! Unless there is a funny caption or an awesome photo bomb happening just take your selfie to another app because I need to legit LOL! End of story!

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