The lies you tell

Over the past couple days I’ve done a lot of thinking about people who lie. I’m not talking about little lies to your friends as to why you can’t go out to the bar…I’m talking lies that REALLY hurt people. A person who can look someone in the eyes and tell them a lie they KNOW will effect them personally just blows my mind. You have to be literally just a complete heartless person to allow someone to trust in you and love you and then lie directly to their face. What I really don’t understand is when people continue to tell lie after lie even after they are caught. I think some people really start to believe themselves and have no clue what the truth is anymore. It has to be a sad life to literally live on lies that you have to continue to cover up in order to keep people “believing” your stories. So why do it? Why hurt someone intentionally to make them believe you have this fake life? No one is perfect we all have stuff going on so why not tell the truth and let those who love you help you. Remember this…the only thing you’re doing with lies is slowly pushing people away and soon you will be left with nothing and no one around but the lies you told, and when you’re ready to tell the truth there may not be anyone there to listen.


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