Adventures of a people watcher!

I have a problem! HEY! go me! The first step is admitting it, right? But really who doesn’t enjoy a little people watching from time to time! Why though!! Why is it so fascinating to watch people and occasionally listen to conservations that strangers have? Why are we so fascinated with the lives of other people…YES, WE because you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t just like me ya weirdo! I personally just really like to know what is happening around me I mean I am an aspiring actress so if I DONT listen to a conversation I may not hear about a big casting call coming up! TRUE STORY PEOPLE! I really found out about a casting by just listening to a conversation, and that has led to something suuuuuper exciting that I can’t talk about because unlike the extra from batman who may have to cough up $5 million bucks I LIKE being able to find work! Anyway…what is today’s adventure of people watching you ask?

So I’m at a coffee shop…DUH! and these two guys are sitting near me and I hear them talking about what sounds like it is going to be a FAB party! After further listening because this is what I do i find out that carol or laura (didnt quite get the name) ruined one of the surprises that was happening by texting man on the right saying “see you tonight”! COME ON LADY! After this I really couldn’t stop listening! Then another man joins and says happy birthday ( WAITTTT THIS JUST IN…. their friend left and got in his HUGE  pick up truck and a guy sitting at the table behind him hops up and rushes outside because he is parked behind Mr. pickup truck on the street and doesn’t believe he has the skills to get out of the spot without hitting his beloved Prius…UPDATE mr. pickup truck is a bomb driver. LOL that really just happened as I was typing) back to what I was saying so he says happy birthday to man on the right and then I put two and two together and figure out that the party is for man on the right and his surprise was ruined! Man on the left was on the phone outside for a while so I think another surprise is in the works. QUESTION: is it appropriate to tell my new bff, “man on the right”, happy birthday and I’m sorry his surprise was ruined? and also can I ask to attend the party?…no?…yeah i didn’t think so either.


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