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Welcome to your awkward phase….AGAIN!

So! I’ve been 23 for a couple months now and I would just like to know if I am the only person realizing that this is just WEIRD! First of all coming to the realization that I am in fact an ADULT is just strange! Now I know you are technically an adult at 18 but lets face it…who is REALLY an adult at 18?…*insert crickets doing their thang here*. Obviously there are the exceptions some people are forced to grow up early and I personally believe that some people are literally born adults and side note…everyone should have that friend because you really appreciate them when you need someone to remind you that you are no longer 12.

Okay lets do this…Reasons why 23 is just awkward!

  • Want to go on vacation and get a rental? BRING EXTRA DOLLAS! I personally feel like because I have been driving since I was 15 and 9 months (TO THE DAY PEOPLE! There was no waiting around to get that plastic!) I shouldn’t have to still pay extra for a rental car! I mean honestly get real! If I have to pay extra because I am “too young” then anyone over the age of like 60 should also have to pay extra because lets face it we all know that some old people shouldn’t even have a license. I know 60 isn’t like super old so maybe lets say like 68 because that may also be another awkward age…soooo close to 70 (stay tuned for the 68 year old me to confirm this). Also I looked it up and there isn’t a maximum age in the US for renting a car! GOOD NEWS TO THE OLDEST PEOPLE CHILLIN IN AMERICA!
  • After reading all of this I need someone to confirm for me that your car insurance really does go down when you’re 25! If this is true it’s just ridiculous! I am suffering because I have 2 years to go! (By I clearly I mean my mom..look I pay for a lot of other things so before you judge me saying I don’t have bills or responsibilities back it up bro and say hello to the car I bought myself!) Honestly insurance should be based on the fact that I am a BOMB driver! It may have taken driver improvement to get me there but that was when I was young and thought the ’96 ford escort I drove was a race car! BUT NOW! hello speed limit how the heck are ya!
  • Going out? Remember your favorite college bar? DONT! Just stop! take off the sequin shirt and booty shorts and flip flops and put on something fancy (get your beyonce outfit on). You cannot possibly think that going to your favorite college bar is okay! You will feel so old and I’m sure your tolerance for drunk girls running around “just wanting to dance” is nowhere near the place it use to be. Also, there is NO WAY you’re getting a really good wine that you can appreciate or a beer that will even make your mouth happy at a college bar. You will wonder why you drank such gross $2 drinks when there are places that have an entire menu of beer and wine that go great with food and conversation. Now don’t get me wrong you can totally still go to a bar but it won’t be a whole in the wall that 17 year olds sneak into with really bad fake ID’s. Pull a beyonce and upgrade!
  • You either just graduated or graduated last year and the fact that school is over and you are obviously an adult just smacked you in the face! If you’re still in college don’t feel bad because the look that people give you when you say “oh im in college” is one thing I miss. You all know that face it’s a mix between “wow that is great you are getting your education” and “man I miss my college days” usually followed by a story or two. Of course I have decided that since I graduated I can now use “because I just graduated and the struggle is real” or “I have loans to pay back!”. But how long can you use those? Guess what I have answer for that too! I was in college for 5 years (I changed my major back off me) so I think I should get half that time to use these excuses! I know…i am a genius you’re welcome!
  • What is it with “If I was your age I would never be home! I would party all the time” but you aren’t my age now and times have changed!..sorry! Now I live life to the fullest but lets be real #1 If I partied all the time I would hear “you should stop that and do something with your life you’re not in college anymore” #2 FUN GETS EXPENSIVE! If you ask me to go out im checking my bank account first and if I have to sacrifice a meal for going out with you I am staying my butt home with the bottle of wine i bought two days ago that was ON SALE and watching netflix and I bet if you check your bank account too you will throw on some sweat pants and join me because say it with me “i just graduated college and the struggle is REAL! AND I have loans to pay back!” BOOM!

In conclusion (teachers hate that one) welcome to your middle school awkward phase all over again except this time it isn’t your face that it awkward it is life and your emotions! BUT WAIT there is always a bright side in my book…explore and find yourself! Go to a coffee shop and people watch listening to your favorite music and get inspired to write a weird blog about your weird life! And the most important thing FOLLOW YOUR FREAKIN DREAMS AND DON’T TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUS!


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