Momma knows best!

So I’ve been in Atlanta for a couple months now pursuing my acting career and I’ve had a few jobs as an extra! It has been amazing seeing how everything comes together and also seeing how 45 different camera angles is only about 2 seconds on tv lol! Last week I booked 3 days on Vampire Diaries! The second day I was there a woman comes into the extras holding area AKA a very dark place off set that was typically -5 degrees and the place where you bond with new awesome people that you are stuck with all day!!! It’s amazing how fast you bond with people when you’re stuck in a room with them with a common to goal which is to be placed directly in front of the camera! ANYWAY! back to the woman…so she comes in and says she would like all the “African American females” to come to her and stand in a line. My first thought is always CRAP IM IN TROUBLE! although I know I didn’t even do anything lol. But then I get to the line and I notice that she is looking at everyone’s hands! I immediately say to myself “I dont know what this lady wants with hands but I totally win the game” I had literally just had a mani 2 days before and I am a hand lotion freak! I am all about that soft skin life! So she gets to me and picks me DUH! come to find out they needed a photo double!!! Now I know you are all saying…i mean it’s your hand not your face who cares. Well the answer to that rude question is I CARE because my mom always says “be ready so you don’t have to get ready” so in this case my hands were allllllll types of ready for their close up! AND because I’ve been polishing my nails myself since UM BIRTH! I was able to confidently say “yes I can polish my nails with this other color really quick and it not look a HOT MESS!” The moral of this story is…LADIES dont get caught with ratchet hands and listen to your mothers! or at least listen to my mother! MOMMA KNOWS BEST PEOPLE!!

And on that note…here is a little Jessie J for ya…OBVIOUSLY!


2 thoughts on “Momma knows best!

  1. I just love you Lundyn! You go girl ! Your mother train you very well! Heyyyy! I am so so proud of you ! Love Love Love kiss kiss kiss


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